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Review of Addieup

A no BS look at this so call ‘mental performance’ enhancing supplement

A no BS look at this so call ‘mental performance’ enhancing supplement[/caption] Growing every day in popularity, especially with students, entrepreneurs, tech workers and people looking for an edge on the competition, addieup is a unique formula that promises to produce some great benefits. I took to the web to research this inside and out and compiled the below article to help answer any questions a consumer might have about this cognitive enhancer The product itself contains a large mixture of known and studied ingredients and their packaging promises improved mental energy, function and health.

Anyone looking for a boost to attention, concentration, mental clarity, focus, memory and overall cognitive well-being might benefit from such a supplement, so read on to figure out if it works as advertised, and if this product is perhaps a good fit for you.

Active & Main Ingredients?

Combining several key central nervous stimulants and nootropic like substances, the ingredient profile of this supplement is pretty solid. There is good hard science and research pointing to the components benefiting the various areas its marketing bolding claims, so its pretty obvious that addieup is a legit supplement with a potential customer base. Well dig into the active ingredients a bit more to verify this isn’t some kind of hyped scam or rip-off:

Nootropic Ingredients: Commonly referred to as steroids for the brain, these substances, which many call ‘Smart Drugs’ are potent cognitive enhancers, igniter’s and protectors. They are said to work by working on and improving the brain’s chemistry, enzymes and neurotransmitters that are responsible for our mental function. They work at improving, stabilizing and optimizing various factors such as oxygen supply resulting in increased function and nerve growth:

  • Choline: this ingredient works by directly influencing the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which is responsible for various healthy functions. This precursor substance is also responsible for restoration and protection of brain cells, allowing for better communication by improved neuron connection.
  • Ginko Biloba: A super herb in many ways, not only does it produce a MASSIVE amount of physiological and psychological health benefits, it also is a potent influencer of attention and concentration. Studies have proven its mental benefits in various ways.
  • Huperzia Serrata: In recent studies (and well documents by user reviews) Huperzine A has proven to be a very effective Nootropic and this ingredients is particularly good at improving concentration and retention.

Stimulating Ingredients: these ingredients work to kick in and prolong the various functions. Central Nervous System stimulation is required for the cognitive functions were looking to improve here.

  • Yerba Mate – With centuries of usage as an overall health tool, this ingredient provides the long lasting, calm and type of stimulant energy that helps you to focus without getting hyperactive, jittery or anxious. It is also a powerful antioxidant and produces a plethora of other health benefits on top of its purpose in this product.
  • Gurana – Another well studied and potent natural product. Scientist have shown and proven its benefits to mental alertness, function, mood enhancement, stress and anxiety reduction and many other positive benefits resulting in long term productivity boosts.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous – Perhaps the best known psychoactive stimulant to man, the pharmaceutical grade caffeine in Addieup works to kick the other substances into full effect while also providing the alertness, concentration, and mental clarity people have known about a cup of coffee in the morning for centuries.

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Does It Work? Energy, Attention, Concentration

Does it really work? While every person will react more or less favorably to the overall formula and the various ingredients depending on various factors such as deficiencies, diet, current levels, etc… there is hard scientific proof to attest to the individual ingredients potency in producing the various benefits to attention, concentration, alertness, energy, etc… Perhaps the best indicator of a products potency is through the trials and findings of previous consumers and users and there is an enormous amount of evaluations and testimonials for the various ingredients and the complete formula as well. So the answer is yes Addieup does really work, but it is important not to expect too much too soon, to have realistic expectations and to realize that every person will have varying results.

Read More on If it Really works here

Addieup VS Adderall, Ritalin, Vyvanse, ADHD meds

VS Adderall, Vyvanse, Ritalin Many people have been reading up and looking for information on good over the counter alternatives to prescription medications such as Vyvanse, Adderall and Ritalin. These potent prescription medications are famous for their ability to improve mental function and ability through strong stimulation and chemical changes. Comparing Addieup vs Adderall isn’t a direct thing to do, what people may be interested in however is that it produces much of the same benefits of the illegal and sometimes dangerous medications without the various negative side effects. It is a more natural health product in this sense and a good alternative to strong psychoactive prescriptions for people that want a boost to mental performance… its also much cheaper and will leave you less strung out, and doesn’t carry the same chemical dependence and addictive qualities as some of the other drugs.

A review talking about adderall vs Addieup

Where Can I buy It?

Where to Buy Taking a through look and calling around the local stores like GNC, CVS, Walgreens, and the like, it appears that it is still very hard to find and purchase Addieup in stores. We expect this to change as the product continues to grow in popularity, but for the time being purchasing addieup online at the official store (link found below) seems to be the safest, most reliable (and cheapest WOOHOO) way to buy this product if you are considering trying it out.

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You can currently get Addieup extremely cheap, use the special link below to activate the discount pricing and take advantage before it is too late

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Weight Loss Supplement like Green Coffee?

addieup weight loss Although not advertised for this purpose, many consumer reviews and research into the various ingredients suggest that it may indeed act as a weight loss contributor or appetite suppressant. While not everyone will enjoy this effect, there are many people commenting that it was a pleasant surprise to burn a few unhealthy pounds of fatty deposits while taking this pill for other reasons. If you have a condition that would make fat and weightloss and negative side effect for you, its recommended that you consult your doctor before taking a supplement that produces that produces such a strong weight loss effect.

Read More on Addieup Weight Loss in this user review

Reviews, Experiences & Testimonials

customer testimonials There is an ever growing collection of consumer testimonials and user feedback online. The largest demographic seems to be of people in school using it to get an edge in their studies and workers of varying degrees that rely on attention and performance. It is also getting reviews from customers looking to use it as a natural ADHD medication alternative.

You can find some user experiences and reviews collected from the web here. If you order or have used this product please take the time to write in and share your own personal experience with this product!

Read some Customer Reviews Here

Latest Customer & User Review

review of addieup Got turned onto this ‘smart pill’ by a friend who made it sound like it was gonna turn me into that genius from the movie Limitless haha… I am a very intelligent person with a lot going for me but I’m kind of stuck in a rut of procrastination, anxiety, depression and simple lack of proactivity with my natural talents and brains.

I believe I have Adult ADHD and its quite disabling, I however know I have an addictive personality so I have always shied away from the drugs and addictive medications that doctors recommend for these problems knowing that I would probably become hopelessly dependent and hooked.

I decided to give it a shot after seeing that it was a very natural and long term approach to solving my problems and thus wouldn’t be addictive (although I LOVE the feeling of being on it, so I am already kind of nervous to function without it)

While it wasn’t like some master key that unlocked my full potential, it made day to day life much more bearable and productive. I get way more done, with less strain, and am god darned thankful for that. I was at the end of my rope and while I still am frustrated, the depression, anxiety and stress is going away as I get more and more done and actual progress on goals. I may start taking an extra dose to see if that’s the sweet spot, but am actually quite happy with this relatively affordable and effective (and im the worst case scenario lol) herbal natural alternative supplement. Maybe I should be taking this alongside some other herbs to find my magic concoction 😛

Read other review comments here

CVS, GNC, Walgreens, Amazon – What stores sell it

The number one question I see being asked is What Stores Sell Addieup locally, and is it available at the big name stores like Walgreen, GNC, CVS and Walmart.

I am unaware of any large brand name stores currently carrying this dietary supplement (please write in if you find any retail locations that start carrying) and the only place I was able to find that seemed trustworthy was the official online store. There are a few sellers on eBay but in my opinion the safe, cheapest and guaranteed way to order this product is through the official seller found through the link below:

Special Prices on Today!

You can currently get Addieup extremely cheap, use the special link below to activate the discount pricing and take advantage before it is too late

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Limited supplies & quantity sorry to those that missed out.

Addieup vs Addtabz, AdderRX, Profiderall, etc…

addtabz,profiderall, adderrx There are several products currently on the market that seem to be similar in part to this product. Researching and comparing Addieup vs Addtabz, AdderRX, Profiderall, Doxiderol and a few other natural over the counter pills and supplements. In comparison to these Addieup seems to be the most fairly priced (with consideration to dosage size and how long it last / time of desired effect) and also the most balanced ingredient wise. Stay tuned for a more comprehensive comparison of the differences between the common products and how Addieup stacks up, although I would be confident recommending it to a friend or family member as the best bet in the market right now after reading many reviews and research.

Coupons, Free Samples, Discount Codes

**Coupon Code Expired, No more Free Addieup Samples – Prices Currently reduced**

addieup coupon code I will continually update this page with the latest coupons, discount codes and deals offered on this product. I am continually scanning the internet and have alerts setup for any sales or price changes that may occur. If you are aware of any Addieup coupons or deals available, please comment using the form below to fill in any future visitors!

Where to buy Addieup in store & locally

Again quite a few searchers have been reaching this website looking for places and shops where they can order addieup in store & locally at retailers and drugstore and pharmacy chains. There are still very few offline physical retailers carrying this product in stock, although it continues to gain in popularity and brand recognition. Expect to see stores carrying it soon and possibly find Addieup in CVS, GNC, Walmart, Walgreens, Kroger and other large brand name chains near you soon. In the mean time we do recommend using the online store direct from the manufacturer (links on this page) to ensure the best deals and price tags around. We will keep an eye out for any changes, coupons, discounts, deals and samples floating around the web and update the links below and this webpage accordingly to help you find the best and most trusted options for purchasing this product.


A lot of people have been reaching this site by searching on search engines for terms like ‘where can I find, get or order addieup’ This is a very logical question and no doubt is coming from people that have been getting recommendations from friends and word of mouth suggestions as to its potency as a focus and cognitive aid. I have been keeping an eye out on all the biggest coupon code, discount and deal sites as well as major retailers and I’m still yet to find a retailer local or online that carries this product with deals and pricing that can beat that of the official web store.

For that reason I recommend using the companies official online storefront for ordering and buying this product. Not only are you assured the best pricing, but the freshest (ingredients do lose potency over time) supply, best overall customer support, and the online website is using all the latest tracking, shipping and security measures to ensure a smooth ordering process.

Special Prices on Today!

You can currently get Addieup extremely cheap, use the special link below to activate the discount pricing and take advantage before it is too late

» Click Here to See Today’s Special Price «

Limited supplies & quantity sorry to those that missed out.


One comment

  1. Hi there 🙂

    I was recently taken off of my fathers health insurance, which makes it extremely difficult to continue getting the adderall that I’m usually prescribed.
    After doing a bit of research, I came across your product and have read nothing but good reviews.
    I’m extremely interested in giving it a shot, but I’m a tad skeptical in buying a whole bottle without trying it out first and knowing how it affects me.
    I was wondering if you offer samples, and if you do how I could go about getting one.

    Thanks! 🙂

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