Main & Active AddieUP ingredients – What is in Addie UP?

The Addieup ingredients were carefully selected and fused together from diligent research. The creators wanted to create an affordable, safe, and truly effective over the counter Adderall and adhd medication pill that would benefit a wide variety of people suffering from negative symptoms or just looking for a boost to their focus, concentration, energy, and overall cognitive ability. There are many researched and well known active ingredients in this product and synergistic they work together to create an amazing product.

Below are the ingredients and a little bit of background information on them.

Nootropic type ingredients

What is a Nootropic? A nootropic, also known as a smart drug, is a known cognitive function enhancer. There is a great deal of brain functions, and Nootropic improve or enhance at least one of these mind functions. Below are the Nootropic ingredients found in Addie UP

  • CholineCholine in addieup is known to enhance various brain functions, the most noticeable of which are memory and muscle control. It is an essential nutrient that unfortunately most people do not get anywhere near enough of. Products containing Choline in this concentration have been shown to increase memory and brain function drastically.
  • Huperzine A – First noticed for its ability to help with degenerative Alzheimer’s disease, there is also research and studies that show that this boost a variety of brain functions such as ability to focus, concentrate and more easily accept and retain information. It protects from excitotoxin glutamate damage and has been shown to improve nerve growth factors in studies.
  • Ginkgo Biloba – This has been around for forever and has been a staple healing herb in eastern medicine. It has received wide acclaim for helping to increase energy, attentiveness, clarity, cardiovascular benefits and many other things. It improved brain circulation and supports central nervous cells.

Stimulant type ingredient list:

  • 1, 3 dimethylamylamine – Also known as Methylhexanmine or DMAA, this is a key active ingredient that provides a plethora of the dramatic results of the product. It has been used widely and in dangerous doses in many workout and health supplements, resulting in negative side effects and getting of the product banned in many countries. The amount of DMAA is a safe and effective dose that provides very noticeable positive effects, without the risk of the horrible negatives reported in some older and now banned supplements.
  • YerbaMate -With a detailed history in South America and widely accepted health and brain function benefits, Yerba Mate has tons of known and researched benefits to the body and brain. It is stronger than green tea, and slightly less stimulating than coffee. It provides among the focus benefits notable improvements in cholesterol, and relaxes the smooth muscle tissues of the body increasing relaxing and lung function, while having a stimulating effect on the heart and cardiovascular system… priming you up for optimum performance..
  • Guarana – A product that has gained so much popularity as of late for its many health benefits, Guarana is yet another natural over the counter South American herb. On top of the concentration and attention benefits, it provides a longer lasting and cleaner type of physical energy and vitality than that of coffee.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous – Working together with all the other ingredients, the Caffeine provide synergy to all the other main ingredients and results in a more dramatic and pronounced overall effect. Anhydrous is just a fancy word for the caffeine extract that is left when coffee beans are decaffeinated

For more information or to find where to purchase at the cheapest prices, check out the link to the official website below.


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