Doxideral Side Effects & Review

doxiderol side effects Hey all I really like this product and have gone through a couple bottles but felt I should leave a quick review discussing some of the negative effects I experienced as I didn’t see mention of these side effects in any other Doxiderol reviews around the internet before I purchased or reading up on it now looking for different reports or feedback.

I am a fairly small person and quite sensitive to coffee and other mild stimulants I guess you could say so I just thought I should warn people similar to me that this product will interact with caffeine/stimulant sensitivity. I experienced a few very annoying headaches and some sleepless nights when I took more than the lowest dosage of Doxiderol in the afternoon. These weren’t exactly debilitating or life threatening side effects, but you can imagine how hard it is to focus and concentrate, which the product is designed for, when you are sleepless the night before or have a throbbing headache. It is supposed to give you mind clarity not make you be constantly thinking about a long lasting dull headache.

These only happened during the first week and I continued taking knowing that it was just probably my tiny little body getting used to the potency but I thought it be worth leaving my own review of Doxiderol just to bring light to those people that might not have a week to allow their body to get used to the new ingredients and are buying it with big short term expectations not to waste their money on it. For those of you that can handle it does seem to give quite a long lasting mental high if you will. Mood is increased, energy is through the roof and you are extremely productive and on point. I wouldn’t be surprised to see college or high school kids popping these chasing a rush.

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