Results with Doxiderol Weight Loss Review

I had bought and used doxiderol a couple months ago and liked it. I bought it for help with work as a coworker had told me it helps him greatly like and ADHD drug for getting stuff done and to meet his quota and then some on work that we get to take home from the office with us to make some bonus cash. It worked pretty well but was nothing as amazing as some of the testimonials of doxiderol might be leading you to believe, unless I am just someone who doesn’t react as well as others but I doubt it some of those reviews are pretty over the top in my opinion.

One of the things I noticed about Doxiderol was that I was losing weight and didnt feel like eating. I wasn’t trying to lose weight as I am pretty serious about my physique and was trying to build muscle (you can’t lose fat and build lots of muscle at the same time, you need a calorie surplus) so I didnt think much of it and just continued to eat more to offset the effects.

Now come spring and summer time I wanted to use Doxiderol for weight loss and I had a pretty good experience and weight loss results with it. Nothing drastic but like i said I am in pretty good shape already and didn’t have all the much fat to lose in the first place. I have played and tried some other diet pills and fat burners and thermogenic supplements before and funny enough they didnt seem to work as well as doxiderol did for weight loss. Just an interesting little side effect that I though I would share in a quick review as many might not know about it and like I said it can be both a desirable or negative side effect depending on the person and their goals so a heads up for future consumers!

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