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No Side Effects and Good Results – AdderRX Review

I got done with a big bottle of AdderRX by Nexgen Labs l today and was just about to buy some more online and I figured I could take a minute of my time to say thanks to this product and give a fair and honest adderrx review for others. I just went through an exam week of freaking hell at community college and I credit this stuff for helping me stay straight, sane and alive through the sleepless nights of cramming and trying to wrap my ahead around some concepts I had been struggling with. Between getting sick and trying to meet my financial obligations this month without any help from family (I am from out of country with no relatives here) I was in a bind and needed some serious marks on my exams to pull some classes up to passing level.

I know some of you are probably reading this thinking I’m just some lazy jerk with poor studying habits but no I actually was diagnosed as having attention deficit disorder hyperactive subtype when I was a child and have worked very hard at dealing with it without strong prescription medications like Vyvanse, Ritalin, Concerta and Adderall which can be very addictive, expensive and have a bunch of negative side effects (I don’t get free insurance and mentioned I’m in a financial bind)

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Well this product didn’t eliminate all my problems and make studying easier, it definitely got the wheel in motion and along with some really dedicated sleepless nights, routine and discipline I did very well. It doesn’t act as strongly or remind me of the powerful ADHD medications but it does make studying, focusing, attention and concentrating for more extended periods of time that little bit much easier, which results in less frustration and stress, which makes you happy and in a good mood, which contributes to your desire, etc.. etc… it just was that little bit extra and I give nexgen’s Nuphetamine HCM / AdderRX pills good credit as I have tried all natural herbs and over the counter remedies before with little success. Something I will be using again… not the end all be all solution but a great aid for a semi (I’m broke AHHH) affordable price.


Reviewed: AdderRX is decent… for the right people

nexgen reviewed I’m a small business owner that has been spending phenomenal amounts of time on the laptop as of late. I am not really a computer guy by any means and prefer to be working with my hands and creating the products for the business, but for the time being and a lack of capital I need to be doing the social media promotion and web activities for the business.

This means sitting in front of the computer for 10-14 hours at a time to feel like I have got anything accomplished… and its boring, tedious and repetitive work that would drive a normal human being crazy. I have the heart and ambition to pull through it, but I found that I was getting less and less productive and concentrated as time went on and I was reaching for any distraction I could find (which is plenty when you are connected to the internet)

I found another customer AdderRX review from an entrepreneur and thought that it sounded logical and perhaps very profitable for me to buy some of NexGen focus/concentration concoction, despite my dislike for supplements in general.

The product wasn’t quite as strong as the other reviewer led me to believe, but it did have enough of a little ‘bump’ to my performance to make me happy with the purchase. I have read some more reviews and comparisons and think I may try out some of the other products on the market that are similar and call themselves the ‘natural’ and ‘over the counter’ ‘Adderall alternatives’.

I don’t know if just anyone would want to purchase AdderRX for day to day tasks but if you need to really drill down and any extra time, attention to detail or concentrated effort boost you will receive will be profitable, it is a worthy investment I would say.

As someone else said in a different review, don’t expect too much from an ‘over the counter’ dietary supplement and you should be pretty happy with the results, I think I would have thought it was better if I had first read the hype and promises myself.

– JD

Great mental boost – Customer Evaluation of AdderRX

user adderrx evaluation I’m an online writer and editor by trade, and I saw tremendous opportunity in a supplement that could help my focus and concentration. Something that could keep me alert and distraction free during those extremely boring and tedious articles that I didn’t have any interest in.

I have never really believed in pills and supplements, thinking that many people are looking for an easy fix to something they should be addressing through other means (I also think A.D.H.D is over-diagnosed in children) but after reading a couple of reviews of AdderRX online, especially one from a fellow writer, I decided to try it out.

I know quite a few people who are actually using prescription medications (really not that hard to get your doctor to prescribe dangerous stuff apparently) to gain a competitive advantage in this field, but not wanting to resort to something illegal and dangerous I loved that AdderRX was an over the counter, legal, and more natural alternative to focus enhancers.

I had no reservations that a more natural and OTC supplement would ever be as strong as a medication or illegal chemicals. The various ingredients AdderRX ingredients checked out as legit and scientifically shown and reviewed to provide at least some benefit which was a nice thing to read as I awaited my order.

My results with AdderRX pills at the normal dose have been interesting after a few weeks now. I would say that it works really well but every now and then it seems to pack more of a punch then I’d like so I’ve had to add in a morning workout to help my body stayed relaxed and able to sleep at night (the stimulants in this and extra energy can be annoying when you want to sit still or sleep)

I am a little bit edgy when people try and talk to me or distract me from my work while on this, which is both a good and bad thing. No one likes to be edgy, but the intensity and focus I have has made me realize that I can and should cut out all outside distractions.

I am still taking it and will leave a better and more thorough review once I exhaust my supply of this energy/mental agility product.

Liked it, going to continue with another bottle
Rating: 4.3 out of 5
Visitor: Pat Jean on
February 19 2013

User AdderRX Review from ADHD Student

I have always had severe problems with focusing on my homework. In class I am able to get a little bit done, but the second there are any possible distractions it seems like my mind is ALL OVER THEM. This has resulted in my grades suffering really bad as the intensity and demand of school ramps up near the end. I literally have such an annoying struggle with this and have tried so many different things and therapies now but for whatever reason I just can’t seem to stay focused and disciplined, makes me want to pull out my hair.

I have tried several herbs that have been linked to ADHD symptom relief but none of them seemed to really work quite like adderrx, I have talked to my doctor but he doesn’t want to put me on popular medications due to other health issues I have had in the past and an addiction problem within the family. Nothing really worked as well as AdderRX and I got to say freaking thanks.

I still find myself being drawn to all the little possible distraction, but for whatever reason these little pills help me say no more quickly and with less mental strain to all the things pulling my attention. This is something I am going to have to work at for a long time I know, but I am so god damned thankful for any help in the area, Its not that I’m lazy or undisciplined I’m serious and its so frustrating.

If you sound anything like me I’d say go ahead and give adderx pills a purchase and try as they are one of the only ‘natural’ or over the counter type of pills I have tried that work (I have tried literally every herb and combination of them noted for concentration and attention aid)

Good luck all and if you know of any natural over the counter products, other therapies or supplements that work well along with this one please email me at… thanks and good luck!

My Review of AdderRX | Does It Really Work?

review of adder rx Hey all love this pill and just thought I would leave my own quick adder rx review as reading some other peoples ADDERRX reviews is what turned me onto this supplement. I have never really tried any pills like this but after hearing a group of friends discussing it while working on a school project I thought it was worth a shot. I really liked how it was a multidimensional product, like could help with focus at work, school, in the weight room and with other daily chores and such.

I am quite the addict to energy drinks and have been spending a small fortune getting jacked up on those drinks forever, and decided rather than blow my money on that and getting loaded with all the crap and sugar in those drinks that this was actually probably a cleaner, safer and more natural way to get that mental boost and stimulant effect that I thrive on when I am doing something.

Week 1

Really felt the effects of the product this first week. I hadn’t had an energy drink for a couple of days when I was used to drinking several a day, and maybe after 30 minutes of taking my first pill I felt the onset. I will note that the energy and focus and alertness from AdderRX seemed much more natural yet intense if that makes sense. Like you are less wired and jittery (maybe the sugar in other things) but more energetic in a clean and natural way. The whole first week until maybe the weekend the product was at peak strength.

Week 2

I started to get used to the effects mentally and physically and started taking an extra pill to get that same effect as the first week. The energy was still much cleaner, calmer and longer lasting than your usual store bought stimulants. I had a lot of chores and boring stuff to do this week and the concentration and attention boosting properties of Nuphetamine HCM’s ingredients really shone through. I would have taken much longer and would have been a lot less happen to tackle my work without AdderRX im sure, it really makes it easier and more enjoyable.

Week 3

Nothing really different from week 2 to report here, except I didn’t take my normal adderrx pill dosage 3 days in a row as I had left it at a friends on the weekend (I brought it to show him and to let him try some before our snowboarding trip and workout session) This resulted in me getting headaches. Again I have been addicted to caffeine and energy drinks forever so the headache was probably caffeine withdrawal from not having my energy drinks or Adder RX which most definitely has a small dose of caffeine in it.

I will continue to finish my supply before I decide if I will order more adderrx again… and will update this adderrx review with any big developments. But so far in it just look to be a good solid energy and mental alertness product. It isn’t the cheapest solution in the world, but if you are used to buying coffees or energy drinks on the daily, this will cost you next to nothing more than those habits would, and you won’t need em cause these pills are stronger yet longer lasting and less cashing on your body. Loves it.

AdderRx Review: Compared vs Addieup as Vyvanse alternative

adderrx review

Does AdderRX really work as Vyvanse alternative?

Hey all just thought I would leave a quick AdderRX review and comparison vs Addieup after trying both pills: I was told by my doctor a couple of months ago that he believes I have adult ADHD. While I definitely fit the profile and the symptoms are there in a diagnostic sense, I really didn’t want to jump onto strong prescription medications like he suggested. I am struggling quite a bit with school and work, and the lure of the medication (he suggested Vyvanse vs Adderall XR) is strong, but after researching them both it would seem that the negative side effects were quite dramatic.

I really wanted to find a safer and more natural over the counter Vyvanse or Adderall alternative and that search led me to trying the product Addieup which promised to decrease my symptoms while being much safer and healthy than the stimulant medications. Addieup was a mixture of milder and legal otc stimulants, vitamins and herbs that have been shown to increase attention, alertness, energy and concentration I found out through my research and reading some user addieup reviews. I did buy it and enjoyed the benefits of it for several months. It did really work for making my ADHD like symptoms, but after a couple of months of usage it seemed to not be as strong.

I heard about AdderRX on a college blog and decided to give it a shot after reading their own AdderRx review which said it did work, although not miraculously for the student in question getting more done in less time. I did buy AdderRx online and have been on it for a couple weeks and thought I would leave my own reviews and thoughts on it compared to Addieup.

Comparing Addieup vs AdderRX I found that both products are quite the same with slight differences. When I first got on Addieup it seemed quite a bit stronger but as time wore on I seemed to get used to the effects. AdderRx seemed to be more potent and so far 2 weeks in seems to have kept its potency without tolerance setting in. Its ingredients (named under the formula Nuphetamine HCM) seemed to have more staying power, where addieup contains more naturally occurring ingredients it would seem.

Again I guess I have only been trying this for 2 weeks to give a fully comprehensive comparison or AdderRX review, so I will continue to put it through its paces as I bought a 2 months bottle supply (don’t know of anywhere where you can buy AdderRX in stores just online after searching my local stores by the way) stay tuned and Ill update this evaluation, but for now seeing as it is a very new product I thought I would say that both do seem to work, and I guess time will tell which is the better and stronger product for continued usage.