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Reviewing Addieup for Weight Loss & Mental Performance

addieup lose weight

good for truckers and those types

I’m a long distance trucker and over the years you better believe us truckers have tried about every drug, supplement, herb and concoction known to man to deal with our jobs particular challenges. There’s the trouble staying focused with driving for long periods of time, troubles getting tired, fat and weight gain from the sedentary lifestyle and more.

I heard about Addieup from another trucker at a stopover and thought it sounded peculiar. I mean ‘Addie” is essentially street lingo for Adderall, a Class 2 Scheduled drug and prescription only pill. He assured me that it was legal and available for purchase over the counter although I knew that there is no way this product could be as strong as the Class 2 amphetamine. I went ahead and purchased a few bottles online with a 10% off coupon to save a few measly bucks… I figured my body had built up a tolerance to all the other energy boosters, fat/weight loss pills and concentration/attention pills I had taken over the past year.

This was a good solid overall product compared to other weight loss supplements I’ve tried and what I liked is that it had some ingredients that I haven’t used before, thus negating any of that ‘tolerant’ or ‘used to’ effect I get with stimulants. I drink strong coffee now and don’t quite feel anything, but with this I got that old familiar stimulated feeling.

It definitely is a strong appetite suppressant as well (more…)


Addieup vs Alpha Brain | User’s opinion & Feedback

user addieup feedback I first got introduced to Nootropic products and “smart Drugs” when I heard a celebrity endorsing Alpha Brain (I can’t for the life of me think of the guy’s name, he’s semi-famous though) It was a half ass plug by him so I felt that maybe AlphaBrain just paid him to say good things and leave a glowing review, but regardless the whole concept and science I read behind the supplements turned me onto the idea that I may be able to get and use a boost.

I did enjoy Alpha Brain but I decided to try out some other products to perhaps find something better. I read a comparison of Addieup vs Alpha Brain vs Addtabz from another person that was trying out all the new and popular stacks, and decided after reading about it that I would try Addieup next.

It is a solid product I must say. I think a lot of people probably have big dreams and crazy expectations that it will turn you into some sort of productivity master with unlimited motivation overnight, but it does definitely work in its ability to give you more mental, ah, clarity if you will. When you take it you are more alert and energized which I guess a strong cup of coffee can do (curing morning fogginess and such) but in a more pronounced, longer lasting and dramatic way.

It is decently priced for a thorough Nootropic stack and if you are in a situation or job where more cognitive functioning, mental alertness and concentration will benefit you it may be a worthwhile purchase. Other effects were a mood boost (I’m not depressed but generally not as happy and giddy as when I’m on this product) and appetite suppression. I literally could sit down and not have the usual distraction of wanting to munch on food or other similar distractions.

If you are looking for a solid product both of these are good. If I were to be honest in comparing AlphaBrain vs Addieup I would say that I prefer the later. It’s not as fancy nor endorsed by celebrities, but its got a good reputation and following of loyal reviewers and promoters on various forum and message boards related to mental enhancement and productivity from what I’ve read and researched.

Addieup slightly superior to AlphaBrain in my eyes
Rating: 4.65 out of 5
Visitor: J. Cander on
May 3 2013Addieup

Reviewer: “Mild Over The Counter Vyvanse Substitute”

I have all the annoying symptoms of adult ADHD and have tried both the prescription medications Adderall and Vyvanse for the condition. First I tried Adderall but that gave me some pretty crazy side effects so the doctor put me on Vyvanse which I guess is pretty much the same thing although its converted in your body or something? I don’t really get it. Anyways Vyvanse gave me some unpleasant side effects so I told the doc I was going to look for an over the counter substitute or replacement herb or supplement (to which he kind of scoffed at lol)

I did a bit of research and found out lots about nootropics or ‘Smart Drugs” Nootropics seemed like they could fit the bill as a natural Adderall/Vyvanse substitute -so I decided to research some of the best ones. Also doing my research it seems that a stimulant is very important for minimizing the ADHD like stimulants (makes sense why the prescription medications are hardcore amphetamines now)


“Great Preworkout Focus & Energy Pill” Addieup Reviewer

Me and my buddy just ordered a bunch of bottles of Addieup for school and for working out. They don’t really mention it anywhere in other consumer Addieup reviews but this pill is actually a damn great pre-workout supplement. They don’t even mention it anywhere on the website, but looking at the ingredient list there are a few obvious things in there like DMAA that are found in some of the best pre-workout weight lifting supplements on the market.

I first got this from a guy in the gym and he told me he used it to really get focused into his workout and I have to really thank him. This stuff is quite cheap too when you consider the obvious quality of the ingredients and the sheer amount of them, some of which are really great in lots of other aspects as well besides the ones mentioned.


AdderRx Review: Compared vs Addieup as Vyvanse alternative

adderrx review

Does AdderRX really work as Vyvanse alternative?

Hey all just thought I would leave a quick AdderRX review and comparison vs Addieup after trying both pills: I was told by my doctor a couple of months ago that he believes I have adult ADHD. While I definitely fit the profile and the symptoms are there in a diagnostic sense, I really didn’t want to jump onto strong prescription medications like he suggested. I am struggling quite a bit with school and work, and the lure of the medication (he suggested Vyvanse vs Adderall XR) is strong, but after researching them both it would seem that the negative side effects were quite dramatic.

I really wanted to find a safer and more natural over the counter Vyvanse or Adderall alternative and that search led me to trying the product Addieup which promised to decrease my symptoms while being much safer and healthy than the stimulant medications. Addieup was a mixture of milder and legal otc stimulants, vitamins and herbs that have been shown to increase attention, alertness, energy and concentration I found out through my research and reading some user addieup reviews. I did buy it and enjoyed the benefits of it for several months. It did really work for making my ADHD like symptoms, but after a couple of months of usage it seemed to not be as strong.

I heard about AdderRX on a college blog and decided to give it a shot after reading their own AdderRx review which said it did work, although not miraculously for the student in question getting more done in less time. I did buy AdderRx online and have been on it for a couple weeks and thought I would leave my own reviews and thoughts on it compared to Addieup.

Comparing Addieup vs AdderRX I found that both products are quite the same with slight differences. When I first got on Addieup it seemed quite a bit stronger but as time wore on I seemed to get used to the effects. AdderRx seemed to be more potent and so far 2 weeks in seems to have kept its potency without tolerance setting in. Its ingredients (named under the formula Nuphetamine HCM) seemed to have more staying power, where addieup contains more naturally occurring ingredients it would seem.

Again I guess I have only been trying this for 2 weeks to give a fully comprehensive comparison or AdderRX review, so I will continue to put it through its paces as I bought a 2 months bottle supply (don’t know of anywhere where you can buy AdderRX in stores just online after searching my local stores by the way) stay tuned and Ill update this evaluation, but for now seeing as it is a very new product I thought I would say that both do seem to work, and I guess time will tell which is the better and stronger product for continued usage.

My 1 week review and where can you find or buy AddieUp in stores?

Sooo my friend gave me about a week’s worth of these pills to sample after he had bought a whole whack load of them to get a bulk discount (he swears by the stuff and think it makes him like superman or something as compared to when he doesn’t have them, also worried they might get pulled off the internet)

I also don’t have a credit card to purchase addieup online like he does and he has been telling me to sample them out forever so he eventually just gave me some!

The first few days:

These days were absolutely AWESOME, I guess my body hadn’t adjusted to the stimulants in the pills so I was just like this hyper energy mad man! I wanted to get everything done around the house that I had procrastinated on and with a euphoric like high I just tackled the first 2-3 days of addieup samples like crazy. I loved the euphoric like mindset it gave me, the motivation and concentration and the energy couple with those things to make for just a fantastic buzz.

Days 4-7

My body seemed to adjust from the first 2-3 days of taking the product (I knew it would, most people are stimulant sensitive but the body quickly adapts and gets used to it)

I still really loved the product and I found this to be beneficial start to the week as I had some writing to tackle and I still seemed to have the mental clarity, endurance and concentration without the physical gogogo body stimulation making me want to do physical work. (more…)

College Student reviews Profiderall & Addieup stack

I have been what you could call a performance and stimulant junkie for most of my adult life. I just love the feeling of being energized and performing at my bodies and mind’s peak performance and I have spent a good amount of time trying to find the best sports and nutritional supplements to help take me to and passed my edge.

I have recently become very interested in ADHD medications and their ability to activate larger parts of the brain as well as nootropic class drugs. I however don’t believe in taking the really strong medication and pharmaceutical drug grade (know lots of addicts and fiends) products and have been doing a lot of research into more natural and over the counter available products. This is how I stumbled across Addie, Profiderall, Addtabz, Focus Factor, Brain Alert and a few other otc nootropic blends competiting for this relatively new market. After doing some research reading profiderall reviews, addieup reviews and comparisons of them side by side I decided I would try them both in a super stack. The ingredients didnt seem dangerous and I had stacked products side by side similar to this in the past.

I must say that I really like this particular focus/concentration/energy stack. It is by no means cheap and you may want to start off with a low dose to avoid negative side effects, but if you are a person that gets paid for performance, that is competitive at something, or is falling behind in school this may be worth every penny for you.

You get super dialed in and zoned in. I like to play call of duty for PS3 pretty competitively and I found my game to be drastically improved while on the profiderall/addieup dose, like complete tunnel vision helping me understand the angles and to anticipate the moves more clearly. Really enjoyable actually and an almost unfair advantage muahahaha.

If you got the money and understand the ingredients both stimulant and nootropic and know that it wont interact with your health poorly, Id recommend trying these both together for said ‘Tunnel vision’

My Opinion on Addieup vs Addtabz & profiderall

profiderall vs addtabz

What is the best purchase?!

Hey, so found this website a while back while looking for some reviews and comparisons of some of the better known focus enhancement products on the market. There wasnt any really conclusive comparisons or reviews saying which product was the absolute best so i decided to do my own little experiment and try them all to decide and find the best study and work enhancer for me.

This took a couple months and was quite an expensive test so thought I would share my findings to save people some money and energy if they are too trying to decide between profiderall, addieup and addtabz.

Right off the hop I found Addie Up and AddTabz to be the two stronger products and the better deal with some unique differences between them. Addtabz was a more potent drug like formula (with the soon to be banned ingredient DMAA (strong stuff commonly found in pre-workout supplements) Depending on if you are going for a big drug like umph that wears off after a couple hours you may like this product the best. Addieup was a more rounded and full spectrum solution, which i think is ideal for the long term. It is also much cheaper than the others which is a huge pro for a broke ass college student! It has less potent ingredients but more of them, if you are going for that strong buzz though like I said it doesnt pack a huge punch all at once but does seem to provide its results over an extended period of time (no crashing from the stimulant ingredients surprisingly.

So if a friend were to ask me and if I were going to be unbiased, I would say profiderall is my least favorite (although I really liked that you can buy profiderall in stores and not just online), that addtabz would be my favorite when I need a single STRONG rush for something and that I will probably turn to Addieup as my long term solution seeing as it has the most of what I was looking for (long term, less side effects, affordability)

Unbiased Critique and Addieup Evaluation from Canada

I went on snowboarding vacation to Colorado earlier this winter when I first fell in love with addieup. One of the kids at our resort was talking about it with some beautiful girls and although my interest in eavesdropping on his conversation was first because of the fact this dorky kid was talking to some beautiful girls, it soon switched over to addieup when I heard him bragging about how it helped him get up grades in a big way, that almost overnight he felt much more intelligent like in the movie limitless (I hadn’t see the movie at the time, but now that I have I enjoy the comparison albeit an obvious exaggeration)

I decided to try them out and was only worried that I wouldn’t be able to find them in stores in time and that they wouldn’t be available in Canada. I wasn’t able to locate any and later on ask the same kid and he said to check them out online, I was leaving the resort soon so I figured id just order them once I got back home and pray they passed customs and didn’t have any banned or illegal ingredients.

The package took a little while after ordering, but I did eventually get my addie up into Canada (Toronto) and instantly fell in love with the product. The kid talking to the women at the resort was obviously exaggerating, and I knew better than to expect some kind of life altering drug, but it really did help me to be more present in whatever I was doing. I don’t know how to describe exactly, I guess that’s about the best way though, when you are doing something, you are more THERE rather than distracted by anything else that might be going on around you or thoughts in your head, its just you and what you are currently doing in a more intensely concentrated way.

Two thumbs up for this natural adhd otc product, definitely recommend to anyone that has a lot of white noise or clutter in their thinking and minds most of the time, it can help you to get much more done and appears to benefit overall health instead of being a risk to it like lots of other supplements.