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AdderRx Review: Compared vs Addieup as Vyvanse alternative

adderrx review

Does AdderRX really work as Vyvanse alternative?

Hey all just thought I would leave a quick AdderRX review and comparison vs Addieup after trying both pills: I was told by my doctor a couple of months ago that he believes I have adult ADHD. While I definitely fit the profile and the symptoms are there in a diagnostic sense, I really didn’t want to jump onto strong prescription medications like he suggested. I am struggling quite a bit with school and work, and the lure of the medication (he suggested Vyvanse vs Adderall XR) is strong, but after researching them both it would seem that the negative side effects were quite dramatic.

I really wanted to find a safer and more natural over the counter Vyvanse or Adderall alternative and that search led me to trying the product Addieup which promised to decrease my symptoms while being much safer and healthy than the stimulant medications. Addieup was a mixture of milder and legal otc stimulants, vitamins and herbs that have been shown to increase attention, alertness, energy and concentration I found out through my research and reading some user addieup reviews. I did buy it and enjoyed the benefits of it for several months. It did really work for making my ADHD like symptoms, but after a couple of months of usage it seemed to not be as strong.

I heard about AdderRX on a college blog and decided to give it a shot after reading their own AdderRx review which said it did work, although not miraculously for the student in question getting more done in less time. I did buy AdderRx online and have been on it for a couple weeks and thought I would leave my own reviews and thoughts on it compared to Addieup.

Comparing Addieup vs AdderRX I found that both products are quite the same with slight differences. When I first got on Addieup it seemed quite a bit stronger but as time wore on I seemed to get used to the effects. AdderRx seemed to be more potent and so far 2 weeks in seems to have kept its potency without tolerance setting in. Its ingredients (named under the formula Nuphetamine HCM) seemed to have more staying power, where addieup contains more naturally occurring ingredients it would seem.

Again I guess I have only been trying this for 2 weeks to give a fully comprehensive comparison or AdderRX review, so I will continue to put it through its paces as I bought a 2 months bottle supply (don’t know of anywhere where you can buy AdderRX in stores just online after searching my local stores by the way) stay tuned and Ill update this evaluation, but for now seeing as it is a very new product I thought I would say that both do seem to work, and I guess time will tell which is the better and stronger product for continued usage.